Taïga & Gleccser #2
A poetic and musical collaboration with Mátyás Sirokai, with visuals by Zsolt Korai. I’m playing the langspil with loop pedal and metal distortion while Mátyás Sirokai is using a frame drum and zither. We both read some of our most recent poems and I sing parts of the Old Icelandic poem Völuspá in Icelandic.

W.B. Yeats: The Young Man’s Song
An adaptation of W.B. Yeat’s poem using Godin Multioud, Icelandic langspil, percussion and a Korg Monologue with loop pedal.

Bayati Borongós
One of my first songs written for the Godin Multioud, using the Bayati quarter-tone scale and fitting lyrics in Hungarian.

Taïga & Gleccser: Holdbeli csónakos
A musical collaboration with Mátyás Sirokai on percussion and myself on my Godin Multioud, singing an excerpt from Sándor Weöres’s mythological play “Holdbeli csónakos” (The Boatman of the Moon).

A multilingual collage of texts, song and music on occasion of the publication of Mátyás Sirokai’s poetry book “Lomboldal”.

Percussion jamming with Mátyás Sirokai on top of the rocks of the Sächsische Schweiz in Saxony, Germany.

Berlin Borealis
A loop impro piece for drums and strings, on a poem by Benedikt Gröndal (1826–1907, Iceland). Apart from the langspil I’m also using a small handheld harp, a 6-tone log drum and some other percussion instruments.

This performance, which is a paraphrase of a popular rap song with an LGBT twist, has reached more than 5500 views online.

Complete recording of our musical poetry reading of my translations of old and new Icelandic poems with electronic musician Panda, cellist Péter Jánosházy and the visuals of Zsolt Korai.

Ballad of the Star-Eyed Shepherd
An interplanetary ballad of the Star-Eyed Shepherd, an old figure in Hungarian mythology. My first Hungarofuturist endevour, using a Murmel harp and loop pedal.

Further tracks can be heard from me on my Soundcloud page.